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Darshan topics

    We don't just practice yoga on the mat. So often, we forget that doing the asanas (the postures) is only a fraction of the yoga practice and do not even realize how much we are missing out.

    Darshan is an Indian oral tradition of a teacher sharing his or her wisdom and philosophy of the world to impart clarity on his or her students. It is an integral part of yoga which can be traced back to Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, documenting his philosophical system as the yoga-darshana. Darshan gives yoga practitioners better understanding of the purpose behind various yoga practices, yogic science and directs them to the path of self-discovery.

    The ultimate goal of darshan is to see Reality. Just as you can see your physical appearance in a mirror, the wisdom imparted through darshan reflects back who you truly are on the inside. Yoga is a lifestyle providing practical guidelines to experience all levels of our being so that we may evolve to reach our full potential. However, practicing only physical yoga does not make yoga a practitioner’s lifestyle. It is by making inner yoga one’s sadhana, spiritual practice and a continuous dedication to self-evolution, that yoga becomes one’s life style.

Yoga & Breast Cancer
Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation

Modern medicine focuses on relieving the symptoms of the condition, whereas the yogic concept of health tackles the root cause of the condition by creating an energy balance in the body to heal itself.....

Management of Diabetes 
Through Yogic Discipline

Diabetes is a disorder of the chemical reactions (metabolism) that are necessary for proper utilization of protein, carbohydrates and fats from the diet along with lack of insulin production. In simple words, diabetes occurs when body cannot process some foods due to inadequate production of insulin....

Prana - The Life Force

Yoga Basics

1st Yoga Darshan was held October 9th, 2016

Yoga Basics



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