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Divine Yoga in Media

Second International Day of Yoga - Bangkok Post, 21st June 2016

    Movement of the masses

Recharge and Rejuvenate the personality with Pranayama, by Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi - Healthy Yoga Magazine Issue 5 2015

     See page 17 in the magazine!

Reality of Yoga, by Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi, 13th October 2014

First International Day of Yoga - Bangkok Scoop 23rd, June 2015

First International Day of Yoga - Bangkok Scoop 23rd, June 2015 (in Thai language)

    Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi - The man with a dream and his silent mission of spreading Yoga.

What Sage Patanjali knew best about yoga, by Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi - The Nation 21st, June 2015

    Today is International Day of Yoga but, in ignoring the deeper aspects of the science, most of the world's practitioners fail to enjoy the full benefit.

The need of Yoga for sport today, by Master Sanjiv Chaturvedi - Yoga Magazine of The Bihar School of Yoga Nov./Dez 2005

    A sports person needs four basic qualities: speed, skill, strength and stamina. To achieve these, in professional sports the daily life of a sports person calls for discipline in training, a balanced diet, a balanced lifestyle and an inner focus and determination. To this another element can also be added - yoga. Bihar Yoga is a holistic science, and as sport is not a purely physiological phenomenon, but a complex interplay of the mind and body. 

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